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Top brand spot welders to ensure welding quality. 
Reduced vibration design for quality spot welding and reliability
Module pack positioned by precision made imported electrical cylinder to ensure precise positioning of the battery packs.
Fast 6 axes robot for the distribution of module packs to and from the spot welding stations.
Plasma cleaning to ensure the tidiness ofwelding material.

Spot welder monitoring and self adjustment.
Spot welder automatically hones the welding probes during production.
Before welding, a voltage impulse is generatedto automatically check the reliability of contact point.
Voltage and current monitoring to check weld quality.
CCD monitoring of spot welds to check weld quality.
Collects and stores production data for all stages of producti
Marks all module packs so as all cells are traceable.
Production statistics of products can be analyzed by management and production engineers. 

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