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Sectional to system integration Lithium electricity equipment intelligent how to win the battle?
Recently, the ministry of foreign "intelligent manufacturing integrated standardization and application of new model 2016 project" of the public, hunan shanshan new energy co., LTD. ", ten thousand tons of high energy density
Facilities such as new energy vehicle charging pile construction relative lag
177000 vehicles in the first half of this year the new energy vehicle production, sales of 170000 units, year-on-year growth of 125.0% and 126.9% respectively, rapid development momentum, the market prospects, but there are also
Should understand the knowledge of power battery electric vehicle owners
In all existing alternative fuel battery, EV and PHEV is undoubtedly the future reduce fuel consumption and emissions of the best choice, from the popularity of civil car to car, hybrid and pure electric vehicles have been recognized by most people. In our country, the benefit from the effects of the policy, brought the new energy vehicles at an unprecedented speed in the development, and energy storage is very important for EV and PHEV, on the basis of the accumulation of electronic products in technology
Exclusive analysis: global patent lithium battery industry layout
Ratio of high to low cost and environmental pollution-free energy lithium batteries a lithium battery and new energy automobile industry focus on content. Today small make up the exclusive patent analysis will focus on lithium battery industry, through the global patent layout situation of mining market features, speed to watch! In lithium batteries on the regional distribution of patent quantity, South Korea, Japan, in turn, the top three, but separate lithium battery manufacturers in terms of the technical strength of Japanese and Korean companies still have certain advantages;
BMS needs super billions you must understand the core of the technology and market potential
A recent investment institutions in this problem, ask himself for BMS investment in BMS professional manufacturer on the tuyere section column technology but also in the new three board valuation of more than 3 billion yuan, capital markets for its attention only grow

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